A Guide To Dealing With Stretch Marks

When you want your skin to always look great as you grow and age, you will want to consider some ways to keep stretch marks at bay. Stretch marks can be unsightly, especially if you have them in areas all over your body, so you will most likely want to explore some treatment options. With this in mind, take advantage of these points below to learn how stretch marks happen and how you can get rid of them. 

How do I get stretch marks?

Stretch marks are areas of discoloration in the form of bands that stand out from the rest of your skin. In most situations, these marks are caused when weight gains or loss cause your skin to stretch or if your body has dealt with an increase of cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and builds up in your body in situations of tension and stress. Many women who get pregnant deal with stretch marks due to the large growth of their stomach as the baby grows and develops. You are at more risk of stretch marks if you're a woman, overweight, caucasian or have many family members who also deal with stretch marks?

What are some of the treatment options?

If you want to be sure that you are able to get rid of your stretch marks on your own terms, you will need to look into the many different methods. One of the best options to look into is quality stretch mark creams. You should seek the help of a professional who can sell you one of these tested creams. This can cost you anywhere between $5 and $150, depending on what product you select. In many situations, these creams can be applied over a 6 month period. 

Another way to get rid of stretch marks is through a laser treatment. A laser treatment can cost you about $200 for each application and is one of the most highly effective methods around. Finally, there is a surgical method that can involve an entire tummy tuck, and may cost between $3,000 and $8,500. Make sure that you look into the help of licensed professionals who have been doing these procedures for years, so that you are best able to get rid of your stretch marks. 

With this in mind, follow these points and use them in order to get rid of your stretch marks.