Dealing With a Lot of Acne? Use Probiotics to Help

If you are dealing with a lot of acne there are many treatments available over the counter, as well as from a dermatologist. These products may or may not work for you. Fortunately, there is another product that you can use and that is probiotics. Below is some information about what this is and how it is used to treat acne.

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotic is a healthy bacterium and when placed on the skin it fights the bad bacteria and stops these bad bacteria from growing and spreading. Because you have acne on your face you likely have a lot of bacteria. Think of probiotics as little guards sitting on your skin waiting for bad bacteria. As soon as these bad bacteria arrives the little guards kill it. If you apply the probiotics on your skin everyday they will always be there to fight bad bacteria that will try to move in.

There are both external and internal probiotics. The external is used for skin, hair, etc. These products are soil-based and can fight even the most dangerous bacteria. Internal probiotics are found in digestive supplements, yogurt, and some dog foods. They are used to help with digestive problems and some infections. This good bacterium can help with things like salmonella poisoning, staph infections, and E. coli.  

How Can You Use Probiotics for Acne?

If you go to your dermatologist, they will likely subscribe antibiotics to you if you have any acne that is infected. Along with the antibiotics, the dermatologist may also prescribe probiotics as a supplement. There are also probiotic creams that you can put on your faced, and probiotic sprays that you spray on your face or wherever you have acne. If you have a lot of acne the dermatologist may prescribe both internal and external probiotics in the beginning and then only the external probiotics to keep your skin clear.

Many acne products that you can purchase over the counter contain probiotics. You could try one of these before you go to a dermatologist if you want to save money. The probiotics used in these products are not as strong, however, so they will likely not work as well as what the dermatologist would prescribe to you.

You can also find probiotic products online in both pill and topical form. Many health food stores also sell these products.

Talk with your dermatologist for much more information about external probiotics and how they work.