Tips For Using Beard Oil For The First Time

If you've recently grown a beard, you want to do all that you can to properly care for it. Keeping it trimmed to your desired length, either from doing the work yourself or from visiting the barber, washing the beard when you shower, and other steps are all critical. One additional care method that you might not immediately think about is using beard oil. Commonly sold wherever men's grooming products are available, as well as from many online retailers, beard oil keeps the individuals hairs of your beard soft and healthy. Here are some tips for using it for the first time.

Comb It In

You might think that dabbing some beard oil on the surface of your beard is all that you need to do, but this isn't completely true. This approach will moisturize the outer tips of your beard hair, but not provide any moisturizing at the roots. In order to get the full coverage that will be the most beneficial to your beard, you should comb the oil into the beard with a comb. Dab some oil on your beard and pass the comb through it multiple times until you feel that you've moved some of the oil down toward your skin.

Find The Right Amount

Determining exactly how much beard oil you should apply each time depends on a few factors — including the length of your beard and its thickness. You don't want to skimp on the oil, but you also don't want to put so much oil in that your beard is left with an oily appearance. After you use the beard oil, you generally don't want to see signs of oil in the hair, so use trial and error to figure out how many drops of oil will work best for your beard.

Look For An All-Natural Product

If you buy inexpensive beard oils, you may be pleased with the moisturization that they provide but not appreciate some other elements. For example, lower-end products can often contain low-quality scents and other ingredients that may smell poorly, and some of these ingredients may even irritate your skin to some degree. When you decide that using beard oil will be a regular part of your grooming routine, it's important to choose a natural oil that boasts high-quality and natural ingredients. This is the type of product that will not only give you the moisturizing and look that you desire, but will also be healthy for your body.

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