Tips To Keep Your Fusion Extensions As Long As Possible

If you desire straight hair extensions, then your hair care professional can help you decide on the type of product that is best for you. In some cases, you may find that the fusion products are wise. Fusion extensions are ones that use cold or hot fusion techniques to create keratin bonds with the hair These extensions are time consuming and expensive, but they look natural and last up to four months. If you want the extensions to last as long as possible, then consider the tips below.

Comb Carefully

Fusion extensions will only last about four months if the bond remains in place. So, you want to make sure that you do not do something to pull strongly on them. And, if you have long hair, this can be easy if you are working a snarl out of the locks. 

Purchasing the right brush and using the right technique is essential to retaining your extensions long term. Start by buying a soft bristle brush, like one made from natural goat or boar hair or synthetic nylon bristles. You can also look for an extension brush that has bristles set wide apart. These brushes are typically made from nylon. 

When you get your brush, think about also purchasing a spray product like an extension detangler. Spray a light mist of the fluid across your locks and then use your brush starting at the tips of your hair. Brush the end and slowly work your way up to the roots, making sure not to pull on your hair. Keep in mind that there are special hair extension detangling brushes if you find yourself coming across snarls and tangles that are difficult to remove. 

Once you get to your scalp, make sure not to press the brush against the skin or the very roots of your hair. This is where the fusions are and you do not want to pull them out. 

Use Heat Sparingly

If you like to blow dry your hair, then this is perfectly acceptable to do once your extensions are in place. In fact, the extensions are made to look and act like real hair. You can even use some other heat tools and devices like hot curlers, curling irons, flattening irons, and other types of devices. However, you should use the tools as carefully as possible. 

Basically, you want to keep concentrated heat away from the base of the scalp. This type of heat can cause the bonded section of the extension to heat up, melt, or loosen. In some cases, the keratin can become sticky as well, and this can create a mess that may need to be addressed by your salon professional. 

If you want to know more about tips and tricks to ensure that your fusion extensions last a while, speak with a hair professional.