Shave And A Hair Cut, Two Bits!

Are you wanting to give your teenage son a very unique Christmas present, something that he might not be expecting? Perhaps your son has recently started shaving, and maybe he is paying a lot more attention to his grooming, and to the way he dresses. If so, from arranging for him to go to the barbershop to giving him a gift basket full of grooming gifts, here are some ideas that might help.

A Trip To The Barbershop 

Your son has probably been in to hair cutting establishments since the time he was a little boy, right? However, has he ever been to a traditional barbershop? If not, consider giving him the gift of the full works at a barbershop. Think of making an appointment for your son to go to the barbershop on the day of a special occasion, say the day that he's taking his girl to an elegant party or out to dinner. Besides getting a haircut, think of making part of the gift a shave given by a professional who will make the experience one he will not only remember forever as his first fancy shave, but an experience he will probably want to repeat. The haircut, comb-out and shave will be done by individuals who have the training and the experience to pay attention to detail and to make this a fun time for your son. When you buy the gift card, consider including the amount of a tip as part of the present. Be sure to tell your son that the tip is part of the package. 

​A Gift Basket  

You might already be giving your son a big gift, say a new suit or the athletic shoes he's been wanting. However, don't you love giving your son extra smaller gifts, too? If so, consider giving your son a gift basket that you fill with personal grooming items. Does he already have an excellent razor, not one of the inexpensive disposable ones? If not, consider giving him a high-end razor and a large supply of razor blades to go with it. Choose after shave lotion, sophisticated deodorant, hair products and shaving cream, too. Besides the grooming products, think of also putting some fun toys in the gift basket. For example, did he collect little cars when he was little? If so, think of buying fancy, more expensive ones for him to add to his collection. 

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