Protecting and Revitalizing Your Locks From Loss

If you are a woman and you either fear losing some of your hair or you are already suffering from hair loss, you likely feel embarrassed or concerned about this prospect. When men lose hair, while discouraging, the outcome is not looked at unfavorably in social situations as it does for women. There are a few steps to take to aid in protecting your strands as well as some treatment options if hair loss becomes an issue.

Avoid Hot Water When Washing Hair

When you take a shower or a bath, avoid using hot water when it is time to shampoo your hair. Hot water strips the hair follicles of natural oils necessary to retain the strand structure. When these oils are depleted, breakage is more apt to occur. Hot water also leads to inflammation of the scalp, possibly affecting the follicles as well.

Consider Using a Laser Comb

A laser comb is a tool used to revitalize the scalp. When used regularly, hair tends to regrow in areas where it had previously fallen out of the scalp. Use this comb up to three times a week to stimulate hair follicles with an antioxidant effect that often leads to regrowth.

Use the Right Hair Care Products

Many hairsprays, shampoos, mousses, gels, and conditioners are infused with harmful additives that lead to potential hair loss. When you select products for hair cleaning and styling, make sure they include vitamins known to strengthen strands. Stay away from products that include sulfates, silicones, alcohol, parabens, or gluten. Instead, search for products that include pyrithione zinc or essential oils infused within the compound you are using. Using a volumizing product also aids in making your hair appear more full and lush and can be used in conjunction with vitamins to start the regrowth and protecting processes.

Use Vitamins That Target Hair Exclusively

Vitamins are used for many health reasons, including strengthening hair follicles and keeping existing hair from breaking too easily. Hair health is enhanced with the addition of keratin, collagen peptides, and biotin in a vitamin form that is taken every day. When you look for a vitamin to supplement your diet to help with hair loss or regrowth, make sure all alphabet vitamins (Vitamins A, B, C, and D) are included in the mixture. Taking each of the previously listed vitamins on their own has benefits, but a mix of all of them enhances the chance of successful regrowth and retention. You can learn more about supplements and vitamins by contacting companies like Phyllotex.