Ways To Give A Short Haircut More Character

Far too often, short haircuts for men are seen as boring. As such, if you have to keep your hair short for work-related or efficiency reasons, you may assume you'll just have to deal with a mundane look. But this is not the case at all! There are more ways than you know to add character to a short haircut.

Accentuate the Fade

Rather than having the hair all cut to the same length, consider having an extensive fade done on the sides. The top of your hair can be left as long as you are comfortable with. But then, your hair will get gradually shorter as you go further and further down your head towards your neck. This is a great cut for anyone who has a rounder face and head since it tends to draw the eye upward and make the face look longer. It's also a really low-maintenance cut. You can put some gel or mousse in the top part, but even if you don't, the cut will have appeal.

Have Accents Shaved Into the Sides or Back

If you would rather have all of your hair cut to the same length, then another way to add character is to have some accents shaved into the sides or back. You could have a thin lightning bolt shaved into the back or a few lines shaved into each side. Either option creates a pretty edgy look. As the shaved accent grows out, it won't be quite as obvious, but it will still serve as a bit of an accent on your otherwise simple haircut. Some men stick with the same accent time after time, and others have a different accent added each haircut. Have fun with it!

Go With an Asymmetrical Cut

Who said all men's haircuts have to be symmetrical? This seems to be tradition, but there's no reason you have to adhere to that tradition! A unique way to add character to a short men's style is to have your stylist make the style gradually longer as you go from one side of the head to the other. One side of your head will be essentially shaved, while the other will have hair that's long enough to fold over, just a bit. These cuts are very simple to style and don't require much product to maintain.

Short hair does not have to be boring! Talk to your barber about unique haircuts for men