Your First Visit To A High-End Beauty Salon

There are hair salons, and then there are high-end hair salons. You probably know the type. The décor is a little extra fancy, the stylists are dressed to the nines, and the menu of services is longer than the menus at some restaurants. If you will soon be visiting one of these high-end salons for the first time, you might be looking for some advice as to how to act and how to get the most out of the experience. That's exactly the type of information you'll find below.

Plan On Getting a Shampoo

At most high-end salons, it's just a given that the stylist is going to shampoo your hair before working on you. It is easier for them to cut clean and damp hair with precision. Plus, starting with freshly shampooed hair gives them the chance to style your hair afterwards without having to fight any products you already had in your hair. So, don't worry about shampooing your hair before you go in to the salon.

The stylist may not be the one shampooing your hair, either. Some salons employ separate people who give the shampoos and then send you back to your stylist's chair.

Plan On a Consultation

You might be used to your stylist spending a minute or two asking you what you'd like before cutting your hair. But at a high-end salon, this part of the appointment typically takes a bit longer and is considered a consultation. In some cases, you may even be charged separately for the consultation. It's a chance to thoroughly talk through your hair preferences with your stylist. They'll look at your hair, examine the tones in your skin, and talk to you about your hair history and product use. They'll both listen to your desires and offer suggestions. 

Plan on leaving with a great style.

At some salons, the stylist basically blow dries your hair and sends you on your way after a cut. But at higher-end salons, you'll generally receive an all-out style in the end. For this reason, many people like to schedule their hair cuts right before a big event. They then know they'll arrive to the event with a great style!

Now you should have a better idea of what to expect when you go to a high-end salon for the first time. This in an experience meant to be enjoyed, so settle in and enjoy yourself. For more information, contact a beauty salon like You Beauty Lounge.