Benefits Of Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

If you intend to alter the shape or symmetry of your nose's appearance, consider a rhinoplasty. While rhinoplasty surgery may give the desired results, consider non-surgical or liquid rhinoplasty. The procedure entails injecting a skin filler, usually hyaluronic acid, in the deeper layers of the nose's skin to change its appearance. Here are the benefits of a non-surgical nose job.

No Downtime Needed

Before a liquid rhinoplasty, you must discuss the results you want to achieve with your surgeon. Then, your doctor will assess your overall health and inform you whether rhinoplasty is ideal for you. If yes, the doctor schedules the date for the procedure. During the procedure, the doctor may apply a topical anesthetic then administer the filler in the desired areas. This takes a few minutes, then you can get back to your routine. Therefore, you don't need to ask for time off from your job or pause your social life to undergo the procedure and heal like a rhinoplasty surgery.

Reversible Outcome

You may not always like the results of a non-surgical nose job and would prefer your natural nose instead. Fortunately, the outcomes are reversible, restoring your nose's original appearance. Ideally, your body will naturally eliminate the filler from your body, but this may take time. So, doctors introduce the hyaluronate enzyme to gradually absorb the filler and reverse the results. Remember that surgical rhinoplasty yields permanent results. A liquid nose job provides temporary results that you can alter when you want to.

Fewer Risks and Potential Side Effects

The common side effects of non-surgical nose jobs include swelling and redness. These effects recede in a few days, allowing you to attend follow-up appointments confidently. In contrast, surgical rhinoplasty has more risks, such as excessive swelling that may take more time to subside. Additionally, the surgery may cause complications that may interfere with your nose's function. Surgery also presents scarring risks as doctors will cut your skin. Non-surgical rhinoplasty professionals use fine needles for filler administration, preventing scarring.

More Natural Results

After surgical rhinoplasty, you may have to walk around with bandages and a swollen face. Additionally, some stitches around the nose may be noticeable before full recovery. This makes the signs of undergoing a rhinoplasty more obvious. Non-surgical rhinoplasty offers more natural results due to its non-invasive nature and mild side effects.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is reversible, requires no downtime, offers more natural results, and has fewer risks and possible side effects. Consider getting a non-surgical nose job to enjoy these benefits. Reach out to a clinic like Desert Bloom Skin Care that offers them.