Tips For Applying And Using Mineral Sunscreen

Mineral sunscreen is a more natural alternative to chemical sunscreens. People often appreciate the fact that the minerals it contains don't get absorbed into the skin. Instead, they stay on top of the skin in a thin layer, reflecting harmful UV rays to protect you from the risks associated with sun exposure. In time, most people come to appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of mineral sunscreen. However, when you're first adapting to using this type of sunscreen, you may benefit from the following tips.

Only use a small amount.

If you're used to using chemical sunscreens, you might assume you need a similarly generous amount of product when using mineral sunscreens. But actually, you need far less mineral sunscreen, and if you use much more than is needed, you'll end up with a cloudy, whitish cast on your skin. Start with just a dime-sized amount, and rub it in well. See how far it can spread comfortably. As long as your skin is moist with the sunscreen, you've applied enough.

Work in one area at a time.

With mineral sunscreen, it can be hard to tell where you've applied the product. So, it's a good idea to apply it to one body part at a time and to keep track of where you've applied it. Get into the habit of always starting in the same spot and working your way across your body in a particular order. This way, you'll develop a routine and are less likely to accidentally skip an area.

Apply moisturizer first.

Most mineral sunscreens are not overly moisturizing, and in fact, they can be a bit drying. They also do not spread well over dry skin. So, if you have dry skin or feel you need to use a moisturizer, apply the moisturizer first. Let it soak in for a few minutes, and then apply your mineral sunscreen over the top.

Blot your skin, if needed, after application.

If you become oily or sweaty during the day when wearing mineral sunscreen, you do not want to wipe or rub your skin. Doing so could displace the sunscreen and leave that part of your skin exposed to sunshine. If you need to dry sweat or remove oil, do so with a blotting motion.

With the tips above, you should get better results when applying and using mineral sunscreen. There are lots of options on the market, including mineral antioxidant sunscreen SPF 50+ and antioxidant-rich formulas. So find one that's right for you, and enjoy the benefits.