Things To Consider Before Coloring Your Hair

If you're considering coloring your hair, you need to consider a few things before you reach for the box of dye. You want to ensure that you get the look you're hoping for and keep your hair healthy in the process. 

Here are a few tips to consider before coloring your hair.

Consider Your Skin Tone

Your complexion plays a role in deciding which color would look best on you, so consider this before permanently dyeing or highlighting your hair. 

Certain colors can make you look washed out or lifeless if they don't complement your skin tone. For example, if you have a cool undertone, a warm red hue might make you appear tacky or dull. You need to find the right color for your own complexion to achieve a natural-looking and flattering style.

Some colors may bring out unwanted yellow tones in certain complexions. This can be especially noticeable in blonde shades that may wash out certain complexions and make them appear jaundiced. Before changing your look, consult a professional stylist to ensure the color won't clash with your undertone.

Finally, there are also bold shades like blues and purples that can be tricky if they don't match up with your skin tone. Bright colors tend to draw attention to facial features, so you need to choose those that will flatter rather than detract from your appearance.

Ultimately, considering your skin tone before diving headfirst into changing your hair color is essential for achieving natural-looking results and avoiding potential disasters.

Have an Open Mind 

When it comes to hair color, be sure to keep an open mind. Having a more expansive view can help you discover new looks that are perfect for you. Trying something unexpected or daring can often be the best way to find a fresh new style that suits your features. You may even learn about techniques that allow for subtle changes in shade or brightness—changes that draw attention to all the right places.

In addition, considering shades outside of your comfort zone might introduce you to different tones that look beautiful on your complexion. Being open-minded means being willing to try something out of the ordinary, which could lead you to some truly stunning results.

Lastly, embracing experimentation can give you great opportunities to have fun with your look and express yourself through color. Changing up your hair doesn't always have to be serious business. Sometimes, it's just about having fun with bold colors and transforming into someone new for a short period.

Contact a local salon to learn more about hair coloring.