4 Skincare Tips For Women In Their 30's

Aging is inevitable, but if you put in the time and effort to take care of your skin you can have a beautiful complexion for many years to come. It is highly recommended that women in their 30's begin taking serious steps to care for their skin, as this can help minimize wrinkles and other skin issues as they get older. If you're in your 30's, use the following tips to keep your skin looking beautiful and youthful:

Don't Lift Your Arms! Three Simple Ingredients To Get Rid Of Embarrassing Armpit Odor

Underarm odor is the smell that's created when the bacteria on your skin tries to turn protein into acid and it's embarrassing when it happens at the most inopportune times. There are several causes for the odor. Spicy foods, dehydration, stress, even wearing tight clothing can cause the odor to spread from your body to the nose of an unsuspecting victim. It's even worse if you have sensitive skin and most deodorants cause you to break out in a rash.

2 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Cold Caps

One very difficult aspect that concerns many people when it comes to undergoing chemotherapy treatment is the hair loss. Chemotherapy drugs will typically result in the loss of all or most of your hair as the drugs reach your hair follicles. However, cold caps are used to reduce the amount of hair that you use by freezing your scalp so that the chemotherapy drugs do not reach your hair follicles and you can keep a larger portion of your hair.

3 Tips For A Lush Beard

Beards have surged in popularity in recent years. Whether it's neatly trimmed or fully grown, a beard is a fashion statement. It's also something that requires more work than many men realize. Growing a stylish beard requires a certain amount of maintenance and product. It can also be difficult to get hair to grow in the right way. This is especially true for men with sparse facial hair. Here are 3 tips for growing a lush beard.

Botox Can Help You Stop Frowning In More Ways Than One

Commonly used by dermatologists for diminishing fine and wrinkles caused by aging, Botox has been found to have a new and interesting medical application. If you frown a lot because of the pain of migraine headaches, you are not only suffering from the pain, but also increasing your chances of more frown lines on your face. Learn more about how Botox is being used by neurologists to stop the pain of frequent migraines.