Ways To Give A Short Haircut More Character

Far too often, short haircuts for men are seen as boring. As such, if you have to keep your hair short for work-related or efficiency reasons, you may assume you'll just have to deal with a mundane look. But this is not the case at all! There are more ways than you know to add character to a short haircut. Accentuate the Fade Rather than having the hair all cut to the same length, consider having an extensive fade done on the sides.

A Look At The Advantages Of Organic Baby Hair And Body Oil

As part of taking good care of your new baby, you may spend a lot of time on everyday bathing and grooming processes to keep your child's hair and skin healthy, protected, and properly moisturized. One go-to product for many parents is baby oil. Baby oil can be applied to the skin or rubbed into the hair and scalp to deter dryness. You can find a range of types of baby oil to use that have been deemed as safe for use on babies, but organic baby hair and body oil tends to be the best modern option.